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Being Your Authentic Self At Work – Free Bitesized Training Session

Research suggests that when we experience authenticity, we feel a greater sense of wellbeing. In this free online session we'll explore what it means to be authentic, and why - if it is so beneficial to wellbeing and to business - we often hide the important parts of us.
We'll look at ways to practice bringing your authentic self and tools that can help you, and help you help others!


Psychological Safety In Teams – Free Bitesized Training

What is psychological safety, why is it important in teams, and how can we develop it? This free bitesize session is for you if you want to: support wellbeing at work increase your team effectiveness understand how to enhance employee engagement improve employee retention Your trainer for this event will be Zoe Nicholl. Find out […]


Mini Masterclass: Being your Authentic Self At Work

We know that ‘being your authentic self at work’ can sound intimidating, but rest assure it is not! Being authentic at work matters and can benefit you and the organisation. Why? How? Our experts are here to reveal you all and help you unlock your full potential, allowing you to thrive.  This mini masterclass session […]