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Being Your Authentic Self At Work – Free Bitesized Training Session

Research suggests that when we experience authenticity, we feel a greater sense of wellbeing. In this free online session we'll explore what it means to be authentic, and why - if it is so beneficial to wellbeing and to business - we often hide the important parts of us.
We'll look at ways to practice bringing your authentic self and tools that can help you, and help you help others!


Insights Discovery Half Day Workshop

The Alternative Workspace 4 Saint Marys Court, York

We each see the world in a different way to those around us - a unique view formed by our own perceptions, experiences and beliefs.

If we can understand where our perceptions come from, we can being to understand why other people see things differently.

By understanding other people, we can begin to appreciate who they are, improve our communication and make the best use of our strengths.

This half day workshop will introduce you to Insights Discovery and help you understand how your own energies affect you - how you operate on a good or a bad day, your likes, your underpinning goals, your hidden fears and how you could impact others.