The Challenge

Intandem Communications is a Yorkshire based Public Relations, Marketing & Communications agency with offices in York and Leeds. Started in 2002, the company employs six team members and has established a strong company culture over the last two decades. With a vision to expand in the next three years we have been working with the company on an ongoing basis since 2018 to provide HR support for a fast-growing team, whilst remaining true to its values.


Our Approach

Throughout our work with Intandem, we have adopted a collaborative approach, working closely with the Managing Director to understand the unique needs, goals, and culture of Intandem Communications, allowing us to provide tailored solutions that resonated with the business’ vision and values.

We have worked with the business in a variety of ways over a five-year period including:

  • Our HR consultants provided guidance on employment legislation and regulations ensuring the company is up to date and compliant including specific advice on maternity leave entitlements, associated benefits and return to work policies.
  • Providing a non-executive director role for board meetings and mentoring and coaching for senior managers and executives. This structured approach helped enhance leadership capabilities, promote effective communication, and align strategic objectives.
  • Helping to restructure the team to align with future needs and changing market requirements, including navigating sensitive issues such as staff performance and redundancy. Our HR consultants provided advice, guidance, and support for difficult conversations ensuring compliance with legal requirements while maintaining sensitivity and compassion.

Our work has helped to create a cohesive and supportive work environment, leading to improved performance and employee satisfaction and maintaining and creating a harmonious working environment.


“Nat and Liz are both great! Having an experienced ‘sounding board’ helps me to navigate tricky team issues and determine the best approaches. Always friendly and reassuring, their pragmatic approach has given me the confidence to make the right decisions knowing I have had their full support. As a small business owner, having McMillan there is invaluable.”

Rachel Goddard

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“Natalie and her team of associates were superb in helping us navigate our way through a challenging situation. They were always very professional, open and honest in their approach.”

Ben Holdaway, East Midlands Ambulance Service