Making a Difference!

Nov 23, 2023

We know that when we are time pressured and budgets are tight, it can be easy for development to go by the wayside. However, we see first hand how important investing in your people can be.

Certainly not offering development can be costly – a recent survey of more than 4,500 workers and managers by the Chartered Management Institute with YouGov found that 82% of those who enter management positions are “accidental managers”, who have not had any proper training. Half (52%) of the managers surveyed claimed they have had no formal management or leadership training at all, leaving them lacking in confidence and the skills necessary to lead their team. This lack of development then ripples across the workplace, with 31 % of managers and 28 % of workers in the same survey saying they have left a job because of a negative relationship with their manager.

In terms of benefits, another recent report, this time by the ROI Institute has reflected on the huge benefits reported by global job site company Indeed from embedding Insights Discovery within their business. If you’ve read any of our previous newsletters you will know we love using Insights Discovery with teams and individuals, and the responses from the Indeed employees surveyed show why. The change in their own actions they identified as a result of the programme included:

  • Adapted behaviour to work with others more effectively
  • Considered how their actions will impact others when making decisions
  • Adjusted their approach to work when dealing with organisational and team-level changes
  • Consciously assessed and looked for ways to improve processes
  • Encouraged suggestions and ideas from all team members
  • Effectively worked through differences of opinion
  • Offered ongoing feedback to others
  • Used Insights Discovery in challenging situations
  • Used Insights Discovery to navigate the hybrid working environment

In terms of the business benefits, the list included:

  • Benefits to business Retention
  • Reduction in days to achieving proficiency
  • Individual time savings
  • Reduction in the time for promotion (months)
  • Innovation
  • Agility

The Return On Investment was calculated at a huge 2,063%!

It may be tempting to think that that is ok for a global organisation like Indeed, but what about businesses where both budget and time are more pressured?

We have recently completed a series of programmes at a large mental health trust, working with 3 different groups of senior managers and nurses. With both in-person and hybrid learning, we have looked at topics such as high performing teams, compassionate and inclusive leadership, and accountability, as well as the opportunity for individuals to learn more about their own strengths and challenges and reflect on their leadership journey. We have also facilitated action learning sets and provided coaching to support individuals going through the programme.

The feedback we received from the Chief Nurse sums up why investing resources into such programmes is important:

“What makes the programmes so special is the delivery, the expertise, experience , gravitas…combined with the ability to challenge and support whilst really understanding the arena and agenda people are working within ….

We have seen our senior nurses grow in confidence , developing very different relationships and using very different leadership styles which has impacted on not only care delivery but the culture within our teams and organisation .

We have seen leaders who feel able to comfortably challenge in a respectful, impactful way , who are brave enough to think and act more creatively, which has really challenged some of the more traditional ways of working .

I now have a group of Directors of nursing and lead nurses who have been in post for four years at a time when retention is a challenge we have been able to not only retain but create senior leaders of the future . “

One of our key values is to provide pragmatic solutions and we love working with clients to find the right answer for them, big or small.

How could development make a difference for your business?