New Employment Legislation: April 2024

Mar 28, 2024

This April, some new legislation comes into force that changes certain workplace rights for employees and adds to your duty to look after your team.

The government has confirmed there’ll be at least ten new HR and employment laws, signalling a big year ahead for the UK workforce. There’s a lot to consider, but some of the most notable changes that stand out for us include:

Wage increases

From 1st April 2024, the National Living Wage, National Minimum Wage, and apprenticeship pay rates all rise. This increase means you must pay your employees and apprentices a higher minimum hourly wage. Not only is this legal but it’s also fair – and you need to make sure you comply to avoid damage to your reputation and potential fines.

Flexible working rights

From 6th April 2024, employees have the right to request flexible working hours from day one of employment. Until now, they’ve only been able to submit their request after 26 weeks’ service. This is hugely important, especially in the post-pandemic era. Now, companies are increasingly recognising the benefits of allowing their staff to work in ways that suit their personal circumstances and productivity levels.

Protection for pregnant staff

From April 2024, there’ll be extended legal protection from redundancy during pregnancy. This change brings the rights of pregnant employees in line with those on maternity leave. This is crucial for reducing the culture of fear that sometimes exists around sharing pregnancy news while discussing career progression. It’s also a welcome improvement so you can support pregnant employees with greater care.

As a responsible employer, you need to know and understand the changes as part of your legal obligations – and your duty to your team.

To see the full updated list of changes, read more here Employment Law changes – April 2024