You know what they say… “ignorance is bliss”

Feb 13, 2023

I read an article today that said ….

‘The only reason the world was a better place during your childhood is because you were you were a child’.
(A sweeping statement and I know for some people this may not have been the case)
But it got me thinking….. Of all the things I have been unaware of when I was younger that now run through my mind like a record on repeat…. Things that I can control, the things that bring me joy and ‘stuff’ that sits in that circle of concern that if you spend too much time thinking about you could become frozen with fear!
Of all the things I have yet to know, and experience, that’s the great thing. We have a choice to learn and explore, to remain curious.
We have a choice to commit to leaning into the things that make us uncomfortable, that feel clunky, and keep trying!
We have a choice to be curious to understand from others how we impact them – the good stuff and the not so good stuff. Don’t be afraid to ask about the not so good stuff! Be curious!
I admit there are some things I’m not even aware of yet that I need to learn, and that is surely the same for all of us?
I am consciously leaning into the discomfort of the things I know I haven’t yet mastered – I’m consciously working on flexing my approach to be more ‘red’ and ‘blue’ (I can talk to you about Insights). I need to ask people around me what it feels like, how I impact them – how I can continue to improve.
I found another quote this morning too:
“I will always choose the agony of knowledge over the bliss of ignorance” What will you choose?
I am the Senior Organisation Development Consultant at McMillan and Associates Ltd. I am a qualified and experienced coach and coach supervisor.
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